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When a user experiences an issue, they would be able to reach out to our helpdesk system easily through two ways; Either call the helpdesk directly at our toll free number or create a ticket trough the Kanopi Logo in the system tray. A PWP Systems Technician will respond accordingly to the issue, usually within 15 minutes or less. The Technician will then diagnose & assist the user to resolve your issue and if need be, with the users’ consent, take remote control to ensure the issue has been resolved.

In our experience, 90% of all issues can be successfully resolved by remote access. In the case of an issue arising that cannot be resolved remotely, PWP Systems will immediately deploy a Technician to your site to provide the necessary support.


To keep systems running optimally and prevent unneeded downtime, PWP employs a Proactive IT Maintenance model. Our Proactive Maintenance includes:

- Operating system updates (Windows, IOS, Linux,)

- Third-party patches,

- Best endpoint security software,

- Server, PC and Laptop cleanup/optimization processes  run daily.

PWP Systems monitors your systems 24/7 specifically looking for issues and performance lags. Our Technicians then work quickly to resolve any issues before they affect your business workflow.

Our extensive software toolset allows us to troubleshoot, detect, identify and resolve any technology related issues, remotely. Many problems are detected, diagnosed and resolved in the background without any end user interaction or interruption.

User Services & Support Workstations, Laptops, Servers & Appliances Infrastructure & Network Managed Mobile Devices Cyber + Network Security Backup & Disaster Recovery Email Setup & Support Virtual CIO/CTO Secure, Proactive, Supported.